Our Story

Eduardo and I met about 5 years ago Salsa Dancing.  We were married in May of 2008 at the Court House.  Very romantic, I know.  On December 2nd, 2008 I experienced the amazing birth of Liliana Cristina in the living room of our home in a birthing tub.  It was the single most significant moment of my life.  

Several months before Liliana was born Eduardo and I had started the Immigration Process of acquiring residency in the United States for him.  We knew that if we wanted to start this family and have some sort of normalcy in life, he needed to be a legal citizen.  

Because of the current United States harsh immigration laws, we knew we would eventually have to relocate to El Salvador.  Eduardo would have to go back to his home country to apply for the visa.  This was a voluntary departure that we chose to take together as a family.  We did not want to tear apart our family.  In April 2010 we drove our Honda Odyssey from Indiana to El Salvador in 9 days, taking with us all we could of our life in the States.  A new life awaited us in El Salvador, a life full of unknowns.

Liliana and I gave it our best shot at living in another country, but for reasons such as violence and lack of money, we felt it was best for us to return to the U.S.  We were in El Salvador for 13 months with Eduardo and returned to the States where we were without him for 8 long and very difficult months.   

In January 2012, Eduardo finally returned home to is in Indiana.  It was a miraculous homecoming and a long awaited reunion.  I thank God every day for getting us through this mess.

We have had our share of loss, misfortune and pain, but we still continue to come out on top.  No matter what this life throws at us, we still continue to fight.  We fight for what is ours, for our family and for truth.  Sometimes life can beat you down.  You may even lose everthing and be left with nothing.  I understand that feeling and all I know is that as long as I have my family, I have what I need to make it through to another day.

In this blog I chronicle aspects of our life in El Salvador, our immigration journey, my experiences of raising a bilingual child and our experiences of traveling internationally on a regular basis.  Also included will be my attempt at continuing a healthy lifestyle in a third world country, research I discover on homeschooling and unschooling, cultural differences and all the fun stuff that comes along with it.  I hope you enjoy!!  Feel free to leave comments or share your experiences with me.