Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Promise

I'm not even sure what I want to say about this.  I just know that I absolutely LOVE this quote.  I found it posted by someone on Facebook and I just had to share it will you guys.  This is EXACTLY where I feel I am at right now.  I see who I've been and who I want to be.  I am trying to live less from habits and more from my intentions...exactly like the quote says!  There's nothing more to say...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Missing my Husband

I have refrained myself from blogging on this topic since I have returned back to the States.  It's really something that goes without saying, but it's really so much more than what isn't said.  

The words "I miss you" don't really begin to describe the aching in my heart for Eduardo.  It's not something I ever thought could be experienced.  I have missed people before, but this I've never felt.  It's literally like a rock is weighing on my heart.  

I find I can't talk about our situation too much anymore with people.  After 2 months of separation now, the pain is all too real.  

I have to keep busy.  It's the only thing that works to not break down.  As long as I am busy and going all the time, I am fine.  

Last week I found myself with a lot of spare time somehow.  I didn't have appointments, I had plenty of veggies already made and it was a super long week with just Liliana and I.  I wish I could say I enjoyed it more than I did.  To make it worse, Eduardo was staying in the city for the week working so I couldn't even call him or Skype.  Then everytime we spoke I would just break down crying.  I tried so hard not to, but it would just come in a big wave.  I tried to be strong for Liliana, but it was hard.

This week is better, but it's hard not being able to talk with Eduardo as much as we want since his work hours are so long now.  Sometimes I wish he would just quit and I can send him more money so at least Liliana can talk and see him whenever she wants.  

But we'll make it through.  I hope these next few months will go really quick and then he will be back.  I pray I will never take my husband for granted again and I promise to always appreciate everything we have been through to be together.

Monday, July 25, 2011

A Summer of Markets!

Most of our summer here in Indy has been spent focusing on Cultured Veggies and Esperanza Imports.  When Liliana and I are not making veggies, I am at a farmer's market selling them.  Right now I have 2 markets I am doing each week and I'm trying to get into a couple more.  I mostly focus on selling CV's, but at one of the markets I get to have a small table of my Artisan stuff.  It's pretty fun.  

I have done a couple other fairs/festivals and have a couple more scheduled for August.  I'm really glad that this is how I've been blessed with being able to work :)  I'm not a 9-5 kind of gal and I insist on spending my days with Liliana so it works out perfectly.  I hope to get into even more markets before the end of summer, but we'll see what happens!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Waiver Processing Times

I realized it is the end of July and I have only blogged once!  I think I've been trying to figure out what I want this blog to be, but I need to just keep being myself and let whatever comes out be how it is :)

Well I have GOOD NEWS!  Yay!  I was checking my immigration forum the day before yesterday and something signficant was posted.  The U.S. Embassy website for El Salvador updates their site for which month or months they are currently processing visa waivers.  The date posted on the website has been at April 2010 for a while now.  BUT it is now changed to OCTOBER 2010!!  This is huge for us because our waiver was submitted in October 2010.

Now this doesn't mean we are going to be getting approved in the next week or anything, but it's a big step.  Our case was submitted at the end of October so we probably have to wait a while.  I was told on visit to the Embassy in May that October was their biggest month for waiver submission so they will be working on October for a while.  Even if that is the case, at least they are working on October.

I now have to get all my additional evidence sent over to El Salvador ASAP.  I have decided to put it together and send it myself as to speed along the process rather than involving my attorney.  I will send her copies as well so she knows what I have done.  I am just waiting on one thing to come in the mail so I can use it as evidence.  I plan on faxing and emailing the documents and then I will call to confirm they received them and also can check on our case at that time.

This is all so exciting.  Eduardo could be home sooner than later.  I'm praying for that to be the case.  Please keep our family in your prayers for a speedy approval time :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Update on Liliana's health

I am happy to say that my little ball of energy is doing well.  We went for a doctor's visit today and she has gained another pound, so the docs are happy.  We also went for our required visit down to Riley Children's Hospital for additional "testing" with a specialist and just as I knew it would be, there was nothing "wrong" with her.  Thank God!  She's just on the small side.  If any of you have ever met Eduardo's family, this would come as no big surprise.  They are all on the small side.

I am however going to use this evidence as part of my new hardship letter since Liliana basically didn't gain any weight during the year we were in El Salvador.  I think it was a combination of factors including lack of variety of foods, sanitation and lack of money for food.  Hopefully it will help our case.

We also found out in the tests that Liliana is allergic to egg whites.  It was hard at first to take those out of her diet, but I've still been fixing her the egg yolks, which are really good for the skin.  And would you believe it...her eczema had completely cleared up!  Like completely gone.  I have never seen her skin looking and feeling this good before.  I'm so happy for her because she must feel so much better.

She's also still enjoying the new house and even told me how she doesn't like the old house anymore.  lol.  It's pretty funny.  She has been sleeping a hundred times better here and that makes both of us feel better!  I'm so glad for that.

We finally are Skyping with Eduardo now and Liliana is completely stoked about it.  She lives for those talks with him in the evenings.  I think she is starting to miss him more by the day though and I am too.  Things are getting good for us here, but I think it only makes us miss Eduardo even more.  We want our family back together :(

I think the biggest thing Liliana misses from Eduardo is all the rough-housing.  They were always tickling and rolling around on the floor laughing together.  It was the best thing to watch.  I've read how important those connections are for the children and I think she is missing that.  I think that's why she seems to have gotten more violent with me lately, hitting and biting me for no apparent reason!  I will have to start wrestling with her more and find other ways to get out all that pent up energy.

So that's us.  I know I've slacked in the writing lately.  I will write more about why in a different post :)