Our Immigration Timeline

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Here is our Timeline:

June: Hubby migrates from El Salvador to the USA

Jan: Hubby and I meet Salsa Dancing!

May: Hubby and I get Married at the Court House
Sep: Our Lawyer sends form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative
Dec: Liliana Cristina born at home

Feb: I-130 Approved

Feb: I Send forms I-130's for my 2 step-kids (w/o lawyer)
April: Liliana, Hubby and I relocate to El Salvador
May: I-130's for step-kids Approved

2010 US Embassy Timeline
June 16th: Hubby's Required Medical Exam
June 17th: Hubby's Required Psych Evaluation (for having a tattoo)
June 21st: Hubby's 1st Appointment at the US Embassy in El Salvador
June 28th: Hubby's 2nd Appt (waiver not accepted due to "further investigation of tattoo")
Sept 22nd: Received call from Embassy saying we can bring in our waiver!!
Oct 7th: Went to Embassy to turn in waiver, but not accepted because we needed an extra 
copy of something we were never told about. 
Oct 13th: Went to Embassy to turn in waiver and not accepted because there was "no record 
of a medical exam in his file."
Oct 20th: Waiver finally turned in!!
Oct 27th: Waiver received by Department of Homeland Security

2011 Timeline
May 17th: Liliana and I return from El Salvador back to the States.
July 26th: Official Waiver Approval Date.
Aug 1st: I call Embassy to inquire on case and find out a decision has been made.
Aug 8th: Hubby goes to the Embassy and finds out we have been Approved!! Gracias a dios!
Aug 12th: Hubby received The Checklist at the house.
Aug 17th: Hubby goes for Medical Exam (again because it's been over 1 year since the last one)
Aug 26th: Hubby goes to Pysch Evaluation and is not approved for his medical due to suspicion of alcoholism.
Aug 28th: Hubby starts his Psychologist-required AA Classes for Alcoholism.
Sept 5th: Hubby sees gastroentologist
Sept 6th: Called to cancel Final appt scheduled at the embassy for Sept 7th & hubby sees gastro again.
Sept 7th: More Gastro tests!
Sept 8th: Gastroentologist clears hubby of any alcohol-related illnesses!! 
Sept 8th: Hubby drops off paperwork to the psychiatrist. 
Sept 9th: Hubby calls psychiatrist with good news and still would not be approved.
Sept 27th: Called to reschedule Final Appt set for Sept 28th. 
Sept 28th: Liliana and I meet hubby in Guatemala for a 5-day vacation!
Oct 25th: Hubby's Appointment with Psychiatrist and doc says it's all been a "misunderstanding."
Nov 9th: Final Appt at the Embassy. Everything is set except for missing medical exams 
Nov 9th: Hubby goes to Doctor's office to inquire about medical exams. They say it will take a couple weeks.
Dec 13: After weekly calls to the Doctor's office with no good news, hubby travels to San Salvador to inquire in person. No luck.
Dec 20: Attorney sends an inquiry by email to embassy and gets a lame "auto-response".
Dec 21: Hubby goes to Embassy to inquire, but isn't allowed in w/o an appt. He then tries the doctor's office and finds out doc is on vacation until the 28th!
Dec 21: Embassy calls hubby in the afternoon to inquire on his case. Yay!! 
Dec 29: Hubby calls doctor's office to inquire and finds out doc is now on vaca until January 4th 

2012 Timeline
Jan 3rd: Hubby receives call from doctor's office to schedule an appt!
Jan 4th: Hubby endures yet another medical exam, but doc finally signs papers.
Jan 5th: Embassy calls and says they received medical and schedules an appt for Jan 11th
Jan 11th: Appt at Embassy to discuss "investigation of the doctors involved in our case". 
Jan 13th: Embassy calls hubby to go there immediately. He arrives and they hand him his passport & visa!!
Jan 21st: Hubby finally returns home after 21 months in El Salvador!!!! 
Jan 30th: Hubby receives his Social Security Card
Feb 17th: Permanent Resident Card arrives to old address
March 22nd: Finally picked up Resident Card!!