Esperanza Imports

Esperanza Imports is a little business I have started since being in El Salvador.  I've had the pleasure of traveling to different parts of the country, experiencing the beauty and culture in the little towns.  I love connecting with the families who handcraft these items themselves.  The creativity is amazing.  After going to several markets in El Salvador as well as Antigua, Guatemala, I had the idea of being able to sell the uniquely beautiful items I discovered.  On several trips back to the States I have taken things and sold them at private Open Houses and Farmers Markets.  It's been fun and something I would love to have grow, even have my own boutique in the future!  I'm very passionate about this part of my life.  I am going to be posting pictures of some of the items I have for sale and if you are interested, feel free to comment or email me at  


Rebecca said...

Wow, all of this stuff is gorgeous! Love the colors.

ixa said...

haha I did the same thing back in 94 selling all that gear on Venice Beach in L.A. Suerte on the immigration. Luckily I married my salvy down there before 911.