Monday, July 25, 2011

A Summer of Markets!

Most of our summer here in Indy has been spent focusing on Cultured Veggies and Esperanza Imports.  When Liliana and I are not making veggies, I am at a farmer's market selling them.  Right now I have 2 markets I am doing each week and I'm trying to get into a couple more.  I mostly focus on selling CV's, but at one of the markets I get to have a small table of my Artisan stuff.  It's pretty fun.  

I have done a couple other fairs/festivals and have a couple more scheduled for August.  I'm really glad that this is how I've been blessed with being able to work :)  I'm not a 9-5 kind of gal and I insist on spending my days with Liliana so it works out perfectly.  I hope to get into even more markets before the end of summer, but we'll see what happens!

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