Monday, July 11, 2011

Update on Liliana's health

I am happy to say that my little ball of energy is doing well.  We went for a doctor's visit today and she has gained another pound, so the docs are happy.  We also went for our required visit down to Riley Children's Hospital for additional "testing" with a specialist and just as I knew it would be, there was nothing "wrong" with her.  Thank God!  She's just on the small side.  If any of you have ever met Eduardo's family, this would come as no big surprise.  They are all on the small side.

I am however going to use this evidence as part of my new hardship letter since Liliana basically didn't gain any weight during the year we were in El Salvador.  I think it was a combination of factors including lack of variety of foods, sanitation and lack of money for food.  Hopefully it will help our case.

We also found out in the tests that Liliana is allergic to egg whites.  It was hard at first to take those out of her diet, but I've still been fixing her the egg yolks, which are really good for the skin.  And would you believe it...her eczema had completely cleared up!  Like completely gone.  I have never seen her skin looking and feeling this good before.  I'm so happy for her because she must feel so much better.

She's also still enjoying the new house and even told me how she doesn't like the old house anymore.  lol.  It's pretty funny.  She has been sleeping a hundred times better here and that makes both of us feel better!  I'm so glad for that.

We finally are Skyping with Eduardo now and Liliana is completely stoked about it.  She lives for those talks with him in the evenings.  I think she is starting to miss him more by the day though and I am too.  Things are getting good for us here, but I think it only makes us miss Eduardo even more.  We want our family back together :(

I think the biggest thing Liliana misses from Eduardo is all the rough-housing.  They were always tickling and rolling around on the floor laughing together.  It was the best thing to watch.  I've read how important those connections are for the children and I think she is missing that.  I think that's why she seems to have gotten more violent with me lately, hitting and biting me for no apparent reason!  I will have to start wrestling with her more and find other ways to get out all that pent up energy.

So that's us.  I know I've slacked in the writing lately.  I will write more about why in a different post :)


ArmyMustang said...

Interesting, my 3 yo has eczema too and it's only been getting worse. How did you get her tested for allergies? We saw a dermatologist who gave us three different medicines for her but it is still spreading in dry little patches everywhere.


Kelsey said...

Our family doctor had us do a blood test. It was a very small allergy panel, only what Medicaid would cover. But it tested the MAJOR allergens that are common. You can request a full allergy panel as well if you can pay for it. Most doctors don't link the two things together...allergies and eczema, but it IS the main cause.

Kelsey said...

And even if you have creams, those are NOT addressing the root problem. They are just masking the symptoms. I HIGHLY recommend allergy testing. I've had food allergies most of my life!

Patti @ Jazzy Mama said...

My daughter's eczema cleared up when we eliminated eggs, dairy and wheat, as well as all preservatives and artificial colours or flavours (not that she was having very much of those things anyway).

Isn't it funny how most doctores don't understand the link between food and eczema? We went through 5 doctors (including an allergist) before we found a naturopath who helped us solve her problem.