Friday, January 28, 2011

My New Blog!

After days and days of sitting and staring at the computer, figuring out all the little tweaks of creating a blog, I am finally writing my first post.  Yay for me!  While I have a LONG way to go with all the tweaks and lots more info to add to the pages, it is now atleast viewable.

I started a blog in February 2010 titled To El Salvador and Back to chronicle our journey through the immigration process.  It was mostly for friends and family that wanted to know where we were at in the process and in location.  I wrote about our  9 day drive from Indiana to El Salvador and what it has been like living in another country, but mostly just my personal feelings about it all.  Feel free to check it out!

In this blog I want to branch out and get more specific.  I want to share about topics I feel passionately about and about cultural differences between the USA and El Salvador.  I will share experiences, feelings, pictures and sometimes even recipes.  I hope you will enjoy my blog and that you will keep coming around!  Don't forget to "Follow" me through our life in El Salvador and our journeys to and from the States.  Upcoming topics include:  Raising a Bilingual baby, Potty Learning in ES, Breastfeeding and the Cultural Differences, Hammocks for Sleeping, Life Expectations, Visa Requirements and Much More...

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Katherine said...

Hey Kelsey, Thanks for the plug for! It was great to chat. I am really excited about your new blogging adventures! You are an amazing person who has much to share with others. Can't wait to watch this grow and learn from your wisdom and experience. Talk with you soon, Kath