Monday, March 19, 2012

Our New Life

Yet another WAY overdue blog post!  So much has happened since Eduardo's return.  It's been 1 month, 4 weeks since we were reunited in the United States as a family again :)

My biggest news is that we have been living in our very own apartment for the past 3 weeks now!!  It's been the greatest feeling ever.  This is the first time in almost 3 years since we have lived on our own, without either his family or mine and it's heavenly :)  I can hardly begin to even tell you how much freedom I feel we have now.

Eduardo works long hours, but that provides us a good paycheck and we are getting people and things paid off quickly.  We have our day-to-day stresses and issues that I will soon start writing about again, but overall things are wonderful.

Hubby received his Social Security Card 8 days after arriving and that has really helped.  We are yet to receive his Resident Card, but I'm working on finding out why it has not arrived.

We even got Eduardo's old car back.  His brother had taken over the payments thankfully when we left and he recently asked if we wanted it back so he could get a larger car for his family.  It makes me so happy just to think about hubby in his car.  He loves that car!!

Well those are my little updates for now and I hope to be around more :)  I'm having fun catching up on everyone else's blogs too!


Stephanie G said...

Welcome back!!!!
I am so glad things are going good for you all now!!1

Anonymous said...

The resident card can take MONTHS to obtain. My husband's card took over a year!!

Lisa n Javi said...

So happy for you guys. Things sound like they are going prety good :)