Tuesday, April 17, 2012

For the Love of Spanish

Liliana has been so intrigued with the Spanish vocabulary since Eduardo's return.  I started to get worried last summer that she had started to lose all of her Spanish.  She seemed to be anti-Spanish and wasn't interested very much in the language of the country she learned to speak in.  

But then Eduardo came back and her desire to learn is more than ever.  She asks him how to say just about everything in Spanish and it's adorable.  I think it gives them something to bond over and something special to have together.  Even when she asks me the answer and I know what to say, if Eduardo is home I tell her to ask him.  She gets so excited and goes running and feels so satisfied to have the answer.  

I'm just thrilled that she is learning so quickly and she actually helps me as well.  It's amazing how much we both learn from watching Dora the Explorer!  There are so many great learning tools out there and I'm always looking for more.  This all gets me even more excited that we are homeschooling and I see just how easy it can be :)  

I love my little bilingual girl!  


Stephanie G said...

That is too cute!! She sounds so excited to have her dadddy back with her and this is her way of showing it!!!!

Lisa n Javi said...

How cute. I love hearing the little ones speak spanish. I cant wait to have one of my own speaking to my non spanish speaking family lol.

D.Y.H said...

I just spent my whole day at work reading through your blog. From start to finish.

I went from latinaish.com to life in the armpit, to your blog.

Your story is amazing. Didn't realize this still goes on this way... (the having to relocate as part of the proccess.)

I am in love with your story.You are woman. Amazing!

Kelsey said...

D.Y.H - thank you so much! It gives me so much joy to hear about new readers and I'm glad you are enjoying reading it all. I appreciate your feedback :)