Sunday, February 21, 2010

Waiting for the date...

I decided to create this blog so family and friends can keep updated with where we are at in the whole immigration process, as well as hearing our story of the crazy drive to El Salvador and our attempts at a "normal" life there.

Right now we are waiting for the date of departure. The Consulate in El Salvador should be sending us an appt date for when Eduardo needs to be there very soon. Once we receive this date, we will decide when to leave. We are busy now getting everything together...there's a lot to think about when you are moving to another country for a year! I am busy packing, organizing all the paperwork and preparing for the drive down. I am also still making Cultured Veggies for Cleansing Waters and entertaining Liliana of course! You could say my days are very full!! All the while, Eduardo is working crazy hours to be able to support us financially for the year. We are trying to be as positive as possible and look forward to this adventure. Of course we have our highs and lows, but we know it's all for the best!

I will update this again when I have more info from the lawyers.

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