Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Leaving Soon!!

We had a great meeting with the lawyer today. We are feeling more optimistic now! We still don't officially have a date in El Salvador yet, but we have decided on a departure date. We have decided to leave March 29th! 3 1/2 weeks away...crazy!! Because we are driving, we need to allow ourselves extra time to get there before the appt. If we get the appt time this week or next and it's 2 months away, we will wait, but for now we will be leaving soon.

It's such a mixture of emotions. We've been waiting soooo long for this and as soon as I realized we are really going, I cried. They are happy and sad tears. It's relief that I can finally finish the preparing and actually go. It's sad that we are leaving my family and friends and that Liliana will be away from her Grammy that she desperately adores! And it's happy that Eduardo will be reunited with his 2 kids and mom that he hasn't seen in 8 years!

I'm going to be working hard to next couple weeks trying to catch up with friends, make Cultured Veggies, put together our packet for the consulate, pack everything for storage and the trip and prepping the car. And that's just the beginning...ha!

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Mandie said...

Glad you have a date set!!! :) You will be missed though!