Monday, December 19, 2011

Tear-free Dentist Visit

Yep, you read that right...we had a completely tear-free and happy dentist visit last Friday.  We went in to get Liliana's front tooth fixed and I was really nervous.  My mom went with us because I wasn't sure how Liliana was going to feel afterwards.  We were prepared for the worst!

Well we got there and went right in.  Again I was so impressed with the energy of this dentist.  He is so relaxed and laid back and so is his assistant.  We went to a back room and Liliana laid down by herself on the chair.  They pulled up a chair for me to sit next to her.  They put the nitrous mask over her nose and talked to her about how it looked like a marshmallow.  She like that.  She was really relaxed the whole time.  I was impressed with how calm she was with everything.  The mask stayed on the whole time so she was breathing in strawberry flavored laughing gas.  Afterwards she kept talking about how good it smelled :)

They did the work very quickly and precisely.  It looked really great.  Liliana had her eyes open the whole time, but she wasn't uncomfortable or nervous at all.  When they were done, I could tell she still had the nitrous in her system because I was asking her some questions and she just looked at me giggling.  It was really cute.  Then they kept the mask on to allow her to breathe in some oxygen for a few minutes, which would remove any of the nitrous from her system.  

When they took the mask off, she got right up and we went out.  She got a new toothbrush, sticker and toy so we had a happy girl :)

My mom and I were prepared for everything EXCEPT her being perfectly fine.  LOL.  We couldn't go back to our house afterwards because my parents were getting new floors put in so we had even planned on getting a hotel room so we could have a place for Liliana to rest after the appointment.  Well that wasn't necessary at all!  She was completely happy and fine and ready to play.

I'm so glad I did my research and found a dentist we all seem comfortable with.  And I'm glad we didn't have to have anything major done at this point, just a simple fix!  


Alison said...

Wow, that's great! Are you willing to share the name of this dentist?
Ali :)

Lisa n Javi said...

Yeah so glad everything went ok.