Sunday, April 24, 2011

Numbers, Colors and ABC's

These are the things were are playing with lately.  Liliana loves to sing her ABC's over and over throughout the day.  It's a super cute thing to listen to especially because she doesn't quite have it down yet.  She has the beginning and end and then some really funny sounds through the middle parts.  I have a lot of fun practicing with her and just listening to her practice them herself.  She is so proud of herself every single time when she gets to the end.  It's just adorable!

We have been working with numbers for a while now as well.  We started off with all our numbers in English, but somehow got distracted with the numbers in Spanish for a while now.  She had gotten the English ones down pretty well, but still skips around a lot.  Now that the Spanish numbers are going extremely well I want to get back to the English versions.  She can count up to 15 by herself in Spanish and way beyond that with help.  All the family here seems very impressed by this and everyone that comes to the house loves to practice her numbers with her.  It's really cool to see everyone participating and being active in her education.  And I think they are all surprised at how much time I spend working with her on these things.  Sadly, it's not something I see here in El Salvador much; parents taking the time to educate their children or encourage their imaginations.  Unfortunately kids grow up way too fast here, faster than they should.

Colors are something we are getting into most recently.  Liliana is having a lot of fun with this the last few days.  Her favorite color to say is Blue.  She thinks everything is Blue or atleast wants everything to be blue!  She has known the color Yellow for a while, but now wants to call that Blue as well.  Haha!  For now I am sticking with the colors in English most of the time, but I'll see what happens with that.  I seem to go back and forth so far with the languages and so far it seems to be working.

The funniest part about our color learning so far is the color Orange.  For some reason Liliana calls every round fruit out there an Apple.  No matter how many times you correct her, if it's a round fruit, it's an Apple.  It's really funny.  Well the other day I was teaching her the color orange and she started saying "Apple".  I kept telling her it's orange, but even today when she saw something orange she said all on her own "Apple" and pointed to the color.  I was cracking up at how darn cute she is.  She just really likes the word "Apple!"

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