Sunday, April 17, 2011

Semana Santa (Holy Week)

Holy Week, or Semana Santa in Spanish,  is upon us here in Izalco.  I remember before our trip to the States everyone was very concerned about us returning in time for Holy Week.  I wasn't quite sure why, but now I see why it is so special to everyone here in El Salvador.  The entire country has the whole week off to start!  That's a pretty big deal.  Basically everyone gets a vacation for a week and not much is open.  I was hoping Eduardo and I might get to go out one night to the city alone, but he says that nothing will even be open (although I want to confirm this ;).  Families all spend time together.  The beaches and water parks will be packed full of people.  I don't usually see men wearing shorts all that much and this morning in town it seemed like everyone was ready for the beach and in their beach wear.  The stores are all geared up with bathing suits and beach attire and accessories.  Everyone is ready for a good time!  And Izalco specifically is the place to be!  It's known around the country for it's celebrations throughout the year, especially for Semana Santa.

I found this awesome description today with great pictures that describes in detail what happens in Izalco during Semana Santa.  It's pretty cool and has me even more excited for the coming week.  Check it out  here!!  I will post more as the week progresses about the different events.  Happy Holy Week!

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Heather said...

Have fun Kelsey enjoy yourself and your family. I am sure that it has to be such a beautiful time!