Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Second Opinion

First I want to say thank you to all those reading that posted comments on my last post More Dental Decisions.  I took everything to heart and was able to come up with a plan of action.  I decided that although our current dentist has come highly recommended, I needed to get some other opinions.  

Eduardo and I had pretty much come to the conclusion that we would go ahead and have the tooth pulled rather than put a crown on it.  Since there is still so much risk with the crown chipping, we figured we would save the trauma of going back repeatedly and just take it out.

That was until today!  Yesterday I made it my priority to start calling around asking about how other dentist go about their procedures.  I have been deeply disturbed about not being able to be in the room with Liliana through her treatments and even my mom has been really upset about it.  I just wasn't going to take "no" for an answer!  Well I spoke with half a dozen dentist offices and didn't find the right match.  Everyone told me that I wouldn't find a dentist that would allow me in the treatment room.  Then I finally spoke with a nice man who couldn't do what we need, but recommended me to someone else.  I called and spoke with the receptionist and she said the dentist would call me back.  Well he called me back within 20 minutes and we had a great conversation.  Long story short, I scheduled a consultation for today and we went this morning.

Unfortunately the office is about 45 minutes away, which seems silly when there are about 50 offices in between, but it just felt like the right fit.  Upon meeting the dentist himself, I felt immediately at ease.  I held Liliana while he examined her teeth and we had a great conversation.  He gave me our options and his personal recommendations.

Unlike our current dentist, he gave us the option of just filling in the broken spot like our dentist in El Salvador did!!  I was so excited.  He does it a little differently because he will remove a little of the resin that's already there, but he thought it was the best choice.  Our other dentist wouldn't even consider that option!  

We both agreed a crown would be the last choice, with pulling the tooth being the 2nd best option.  I am still deciding, but will probably go with fixing the tooth.  The best part is that with either procedure, I will be allowed in the room!  The doctor said it's better to have me there to keep her calm.  Gee, what a thought!  He doesn't believe in the papoosing or wrapping them up so they can't move unless it's a bad situation of the child freaking out uncontrollably.  I would there to comfort and calm her according to this dentist :)  Ah, I feel more calm already. 

Now if we just fix the tooth, she will only get laughing gas.  He said she was so good during her exam that he felt that's all she would need.  The gas should relax her enough so she wouldn't get emotional and if she does, then I will be there.  If we pull the tooth, then she will still just get the laughing gas, but then the numbing anesthesia as well.  He said that he does not recommend sedation because the effects are so hard on them, whether it's a conscious sedation or completely asleep.  I felt more at ease as he explained his opinions and he explained everything so calmly and so thoroughly.   This was the first time I really understand why someone was suggesting something to me.  

So the reason he recommends fixing the tooth is because there is no serious present decay on the tooth.  He also said there is enough of the original tooth that can be saved that it doesn't need to be pulled out.  I think the only real benefit to pulling it at this point would be that we would know for sure that she wouldn't have to go back for anything like this again until her permanent teeth come in.  Even though it gets fixed, it could still chip and we would have to fix again.  So that's where I'm at.  

Eduardo seemed excited we could fix it and so did my mom so it seems like we will probably go that route.  I think I got myself talked into pulling it that now I don't know.  Aesthetically I'm not sure which would look better.  She gets a lot of annoying strangers asking where her "other" teeth are so I don't know if it would be better to not even have one or keep that one there.  Every time I ask her she says she wants to keep it :)  I don't know which way will be better for her self-esteem when she's older??

The last thing I will say is this dentist was telling me that when the baby teeth are pulled this young that the permanent teeth will actually come in later, not earlier.  That was really good to know.  We have an appointment scheduled for December 16th and I have until then to decide what we want to do.  Thanks again for all the support with this.  I'm so glad I stood my ground and found someone that will work with what makes us comfortable!  


Autumn said...

Oh, that's so great! Please pass on the info for this dentist, he sounds awesome!

Lynn said...

I'm so glad you found the right person - it does sound like a good fit for both of you!! Making those kinds of decisions has be hard but happy you are on the right track!!

Tara said...

I'm so glad you got a 2nd opinion and found a dentist that will allow you to be with her and that doesn't believe in papoosing children.

After reading what the dentist recommended, sounds like he will do a good job and it will be less traumatizing for your little one.

I think the filling sounds like a great option. She may not even need anesthesia since there is no decay! That is awesome.

Keep us posted! xoxo

Marcela said...

Yay for second opinions!!! There is nothing like feeling completely comfortable with a Doctor and his recommendation!

Kelsey said...

Thanks for encouraging me to get another opinion. Even though it was hard keeping Liliana entertained while I made all those phone calls to the different dentists, I am glad I did. I guess I'm not asking for too much in what I want!