Saturday, May 28, 2011

Getting By

We have now been in Indy for a little over a week.  I haven't written as we have still been super sick!  Liliana is finally feeling better today and left with her Nana and Pops to go furniture shopping.  I apparently have viral pneumonia and have been feeling pretty horrible.  I haven't been eating and barely sleeping the past few days.  The only way I seem to sleep is to take a vicodin ;)  But I don't like feeling drugged up all the time.  My face feels like it is going to explode with all the sinus congestion and my throat kills!

But enough complaining already!  Haha.  I guess this time being sick has given us some needed down time.  I had hoped to start working right away, but God had other plans for us.  My Grandma is coming from Michigan today to visit for the weekend and my aunt and family are coming up from Bloomington tomorrow.  At least Liliana will be socializing.  I will just be trying to get by.

I'm honestly surprised only a week has gone by since we left Eduardo in El Salvador.  It feels so much longer.  We miss him a lot.  It's been hard with me being sick as my communication hasn't been the best, but we've still been talking all the time.  We're both really good with keeping in touch when we are not together and I love that about us.

Now that Liliana is feeling better, she is loving to hang out more with my mom and step-dad.  She's back to herself today, her independent little self.  She's so adorable!  I think the sickness distracted her from missing her papa too much at first.  It has been so hard being sick without having Eduardo here to help.  But we are making it through and I'm hopeful for our future here for the summer.

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