Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pros and Cons of Living in El Salvador

There are things I miss about El Salvador and then there are things I definitely do not miss about living in El Salvador.  I decided to break it down for ya:

Things I miss about living in El Salvador:

- Eduardo!!
- Having extended family around to help with Liliana and keep her entertained.
- The laid-back vibe
- Being able to go to the beach
- The generosity and kindness of the people
- Not being judged for breastfeeding anywhere or anytime
- Not feeling so body-conscious as in the States
- Being able to play loud music any time of day and have it not bother anyone
- Liliana getting to play outside all the time
- Liliana learning Spanish and English at the same time
- Liliana having her brother and sister around to play and bond with on the weekends

Things I DO NOT miss about El Salvador:

- The unbearable heat without air conditioning
- The cockroaches and bugs
- Feeling like I was in jail in my own house
- Not feeling safe because of the violence
- Being sick all the time from the food or water
- Not having access to the foods I want to eat
- Not having money to do fun things
- Being frustrated with the language barrier
- Insanely high gas prices
- Not having any privacy due to extended family always being around
- The air pollution
- The general uncleanliness of the country
- The trash everywhere
- Having to cook outside
- Washing dishes with dirty pila water

Those are the things I can think of right now.  I've been thinking about these things a lot since being back in the States.  This is the first time I have come back here and not want to be back in El Salvador.  I desperately want to be with my husband, but not in El Salvador.  I hope we can all be back here together soon!


Geigerin said...

You deserve to have your family together. And in your home country. 2/3 of your family are citizens. That should be an automatic visa! This is ridiculous.

Kelsey said...

Thanks! I agree with you. The problem is the government doesn't. I'm just praying for this all to be over soon.

Anonymous said...

you suck