Friday, June 3, 2011

Our New Doctor

Most of you will be pleased to hear after the post Damn Doctors!, that we have a new doctor here in Indy that I absolutely adore.  She has actually been a patient of my mom in the past and is very open to my birthing and vaccination choices.  She even went as far as to go home and look up the hispanic girl growth charts so she could see if there was a difference with Liliana on those scales.  And there was!  It's not a significant difference.  She is still very little, but at least she is on the chart, where as the American charts she does not get on to the chart at all.

Because of our incident with CPS, which I don't think I openly talked about on the blog, but did on Facebook, our new doctor is taking special precausions with us.  She was shocked when she read our past doctor called CPS on me for child neglect.  She knows our family personally and also knows our old doctor personally and felt as though it was completely uncalled for.  Unfortunately for me though, because it's in the system, I have to do everything by the book.  Our new doctor, Dr. Fox, wasn't originally too concerned with Liliana's weight until she say the past notes and is now having us get a bunch of testing done.  I feel annoyed about it, but it's mostly because I have an issue with authority figures and people telling me I have to do something makes me feel rebellious ;)  I can't help it!

Anyway, so she is having us get more blood work done for childhood allergies and lead poisoning.  I also get the lucky job of collecting poop and pee samples for parasite testing and some other things.  Despite my annoyance by it, I'm actually very glad to be getting these specific things tested.  They are the type of things I would want to have done as opposed to a bunch of unnecessary testing.

We also have to go see a dentist here in the States and she gave me a name of one to see if they take Medicaid.  She said even if we have the work done in El Salvador, we at least need to show we have been seeing someone here.  So that's on the agenda as well.

I just love that I feel comfortable now with our health care provider.  Everyone got rather upset with me after the previous post on doctors because I didn't feel finding a good one was possible.  Well now I know it's possible and am very pleased.  If only we had gone to Dr. Fox in the first place!


Lisa n Javi said...

So glad that you found a doctor that you really like. Hope you have just as good of luck with the dentist.

Kelsey said...

Thanks Lisa! I am nervous about the dentist. She doesn't currently need any work done. Our doctor just wants her to be seen by someone in the States. Hopefully it's not too bad!