Monday, June 20, 2011

Farmers Market Fun!

Last weekend I started my season of Farmers Markets here in Indy.  Last week I did the Binford Market Craft Day which they hold once a week.  I took all of my artisan stuff from El Salvador and Guatemala.  I did well and had a blast.  This week I took my Cultured Veggies and a small amount of jewelry.  It went really well despite the rain that creeped in at times.  I talked for about 3 hours straight about cultured foods and the importance of them in our diets.  I also got to share about my beautiful beadwork out of Guatemala that everyone seems to love!  The market master, Jane, even commented at the end of the day how impressed she was by the amount of people and interest at my tent :)

I had forgotten how much I really love to do Farmers Markets.  I used to do the Trader's Point Market before we left for El Salvador.  I'm not doing that one anymore, but am loving the ones I'm doing.  It is a lot of work and I always get nervous that I won't remember to take everything, but it always ends up different and great no matter what happens.  I LOVE getting to chat and share with people and make new acquaintences.  Although I'm working, I feel like what I'm really doing is sharing my passions.  And now at the Binford Market on Saturdays they are letting me share BOTH my passions and I am so grateful for that.

This Thursday I will be starting the Abundant Life Farmers Market off of 82nd and Hague just east of Castleton.  It seems like a really good market and I'm looking forward to it.  I will just be selling my Cultured Veggies there, but may ask about bringing some jewelry as well.  We will see.

I have also started a Facebook page this week for Kelsey's Cultured Foods that you can find here.  And I also have my Esperanza Imports page you can find here.  I will be updating the pages with new products and locations I will be with various events.  I'm really excited.

Farmers Market season is in high gear, so get out there wherever you may live and support your local farmers and artisans.  There's something about buying from the small businesses that may you feel better than buying all the commercial foods.  If you've never been to a Farmers Market, than what are you waiting for?  Get out there and check em' out.  It's heaps of fun :)


lisa n javi said...

I have never been to one but it sounds like fun

Patti @ Jazzy Mama said...

Would you believe the Farmers' Market SCENE is just starting to catch on here in Toronto, Canada? In fact, some of the 'farmers' who sell at the market, pick up their wares at grocery store outlets and then pass them off as fresh, local produce! :-(

Our growing season is so short here that getting fresh local produce is always a big treat. We are very particular about which farmers we buy from and we are rarely disappointed with our purchases.

The Markets you attend sound wonderful. I wish I could come, too!

Kelsey said...

Patti, that really does surprise me! I lived in London, Ontario for a year or so and I wouldn't think the climate was too off for farming. Well once it catches on, they will pop up everywhere!

We have a dozen or so just here in Indiana. It's really great. The community is very supportive of it's local farmers and home-based businesses.

Lisa - They are almost like going to the mercado ;) But not as crazy!! lol.