Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Damn Doctors!

Okay, anyone that knows me realizes that I absolutely HATE going to doctors.  When I say hate, I really mean it, like with a passion!!  It takes a whole lot of sickness for me to take myself or Liliana to the doctor.  I've never taken Liliana in for "routine" check-ups or vaccinations
or anything like that.  Hell there wasn't even a doctor present at her birth or anywhere near her for the first year of her life.

Our first visit to a doctor was when Liliana was just over a year I believe.  My mom thought it would be a good idea to see a doctor and one of her clients was someone she recommended that wouldn't give me a hard time about our home birth and choosing not to vaccinate.  She was very concerned about Liliana's weight at the time and basically pressured me into going.  I didn't enjoy it and when they suggested stopping breastfeeding and giving her more food instead, I decided then and there I wouldn't go back.

In El Salvador we had a scare of Liliana breaking her arm so we took her to the emergency room not that long ago.  Everything turned out fine, but the doctors were super weird.  We were asked about vaccinations and lied and said she had them just so we wouldn't have to hear the whole lecture about it.

Yesterday when Liliana woke up throwing up again I knew it was time to go to the doctor.  After 5 days, this couldn't go on any longer.  I'm glad we did go because she has a really bad ear infection causing all her discomfort according to the doctor, but the doctor himself was a complete ass!  I tried to go to the doctor we saw when Liliana was younger, but we couldn't go there.  Last time I was in Indy we applied for Medicaid for Liliana for emergency situations like this and we got approved.  I never named who I wanted as our physician so we were appointed this guy up the road.

When asked about vaccinations I lied and said we got a few in El Salvador, but she wasn't up-to-date.  I know I should just be honest, but it wasn't worth the fight yesterday.  Liliana was crying and screaming just being in the room.  I was told we would need to come back ASAP for the vaccinations and I was just like "whatever".  Then he saw Liliana teeth and asked where we got our dental work done.  I told him we got it done in El Salvador because we did and he then went on to disrespect that and say how he spent time oversees and noone in the world does dental work like the US and that we MUST take Liliana to see someone in the States because the care she is getting is not adequate.  Then he talked about ther weight.  She has always been underweight, that's not a secret or surprise.  But he was very concerned about her weight of 20.8 lbs at 26 months.  He ordered us a script to go to the hospital and have some blood work done.  He wants to make sure there is nothing more going on causing her to be so small.

So that's where we are at.  Liliana is on day 2 of some antibiotics and we are dosing her up with lots of probiotics as well to balance it out.  I have been debating about the blood test.  I think that it would be a good idea for piece of mind, but the thought of sticking a needle in my baby's arm is too much to think about.  She's never had a needle in her before.  I know people do it all the time, but that doesn't help how I feel about it.  Plus I just don't know what it is they mind find and that is comforting and scary at the same time.  I think we will go ahead a do it to get everyone off our backs, but I hate that it's the main reason we are going to do it.  I hate that people are pressuring us and not trusting our judgment.  I will take her tomorrow and take her for ice cream or something afterward :)  (More on my annoyances with other people's opinions later)

The worst part is that when I do the blood work, then that means we HAVE to go back to the doctor for the results and have to put up with that guy again.  And a friend reminded me that I will have to be prepared for whatever he says.  Hopefully it's all good as I trust it will be and we can get this nightmare over with.

On a positive note, Liliana is feeling MUCH better today.  She even went to the park.  We actually slept the WHOLE night last night with Liliana waking up at all.  It was heavenly.  Hopefully her good spirits continue as they usually do.


Rebecca said...

Glad she is doing better! She is defiantly tiny, but that doesn't mean anything is wrong. Better to know for sure though i suppose. Good luck and i am sure it will all turn out OK.

Sarah A.T.J. said...

:( I hope everything with the blood work tomorrow goes well!! I think I would also get it done so I could relax emotionally and know she's fine. So sad to see your babe in any pain, temporary or not!!!!

Lisa n Javi said...

I hope everything goes well with the blood work and glad to hear she is feeling better. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear your little girl has been sick; it is so hard to see your child ill! Why do you feel such strong hatred about going to doctors? Did you have a bad experience?

There are plenty of pediatricians out there who are flexible about vaccinations and homebirthing, who will respect your decisions as a mother. There are also plenty of parents out there who are not following the standard vaccine schedule, practice extended breastfeeding, etc., who could probably give you the best recommendations for a pediatrician in your area while you are in the states.

It seems a little misinformed to avoid all doctors as opposed to seeking out a doctor who you feel comfortable with; when you do need medical care for your child it will be much easier on all parties if you have a relationship that has been established during healthy times.

Also, be aware that many states' Medicaid programs enforce policies that require you to take your child to routine check ups and follow the standard vaccine schedule.

Best of luck as you move forward. I am sure you will find that the peace of mind gained from having the lab work done will be well worth the slight discomfort of a blood draw.

Anonymous said...

My sister, who lives in south america (close, but not exactly central like where you live), has had lots of medical issues with her son. She practiced extended breastfeeding (until after age 3) combined with a varied and healthy diet of solid foods. He also had low weight issues, dental work needed at a young age, and many ear infections.

The extended breastfeeding that my sister allowed for her son helped him a great deal in terms of his immune system (which was weak on his own). However, I'm concerned that you mention not providing lots of solid foods. Maybe I misunderstood what you wrote about the doctor's recommendation to stop breastfeeding and go to solids, but my one recommendation would be to be sure that if you're still breastfeeding, definitely provide lots of various solid food options for Liliana. At this point the solid food should be her main source of calories and nutrients, with breast milk as a supplement for antibodies and other goodies.

My sister also found a trusted pediatrician in the states where both of our parents live (in two different states). Not only does this allow her to take my nephew to the Dr whenever she's in the states if she needs to, but it also provides an opportunity for a Dr she can call to query about what happens to be going on with my nephew (esp. when she's unsure of the medical care he is able to receive in south america).

Kelsey said...

I don't think I ever mentioned not feeding her solid foods. She eats TONS of solid foods. That's not a problem at all. She mostly nurses for comfort at this point and even tells me sometimes that there's no milk in there! haha.

I have a pediatrician we are going to switch to that I feel more comfortable with and we are going back to the dentist ASAP when we get back to ES next week. I might see a dentist in the States on our next visit since it's covered.

Kelsey said...

My distaste for the medical community in general comes from a long history of alternative health care. My mom owns a colon hydrotherapy clinic and is a natural health practitioner. I used to work for her and have seen hundreds of people that have been so misinformed by "doctors". It really sickens me. I know some doctors out there provide good care, but the majority of sickness and disease comes from the overuse of vaccinations and the pharmaceutical companies being all about money. The doctors just go along with that and most of the time disregard the facts out there of all the problems occuring because of what the doctors are prescribing. It's basically a fear-based thinking and I don't like to support it. I think going to the doctor can be good on occasion when necessary like for us, but people also need to be more informed about there personal choices and not just follow the crowd.

This is Lilian's first ear infection and we use other methods of alternative care to find out about her issues if she seems to have some. It's not as if we don't care for her, she takes all kinds of supplements and green drinks and stuff. we just don't load her up on antibiotics and pediasure and all the other crap out there people think are normal.