Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cockroaches and Fumigation

We have had a SERIOUS cockroach problem the past couple of weeks, but this week especially.  Last week we found a cockroach in our bed in the middle of the night on several occasions.  One time I woke up with a cockroach crawling behind my ear!  Seriously disgusting!  I couldn't sleep for the next couple of nights in fear of more in the bed.  We kill them as we find them, but they had babies and we know they have been spreading.  I even saw one in the refrigerator in the middle of the night a few weeks back.  I immediately threw everything exposed out the next day.  Cockroaches are just so gross.

The tip of the iceberg came about 3 days ago.  Eduardo went in to bed and Liliana was already sleeping.  The sheets were all twisted at the end of the bed so he turned on the light to fix them.  When the light came on he saw a cockroach right on top of Liliana crawling around and it didn't even run away until Eduardo went after it.  A cockroach on my baby girl!!  That was just too much.  Who knows how often they crawl around on us at night without us knowing.  Ewww!  We moved our mattress out into the living room and Eduardo discovered 2 cockroaches had been living in the bottom part of the bed.  Luckily he killed them, but again we knew there would be more.  We slept in the living room the next two nights.  We cleaned the bedroom top to bottom, but still didn't feel comfortable in there.

Well late in the evening last night, we heard the fumigators coming.  They come around every now and then and fumigate for mosquitos, which are everywhere here as well.  Even when they are bad, I've never let them fumigate in our house.  The chemical smell is too much for me to bare just when they are walking down the street.  I'm extremely chemically sensitive.  I don't use chemicals on my skin, to wash my clothes or to clean my house.

Well this time I was out of luck.  Eduardo had run down the street and told the fumigators to come to our house.  He was tired of our battle with the cockroaches and the stuff is supposed to help with all other bugs and mosquitos as well.  I put all the food in the fridge and prepared what I could for the chemicals I knew would be all over the house.  Liliana got super scared of the noise, so we went down to a neighbor's house and hung outside until they were done.  It was a LONG time until the house was ready for us to enter.  We went to the garage first and hung outside in the garden for hours.  The smell was just too much for me to handle.  We opened all the windows and doors and turned on all the fans.  I didn't even want Liliana walking on the floor barefoot because I went to wash her feet in the shower and all this bad smell and oil came off her feet!  I was horrified.  We still had the mattress in the living room and we all eventually laid down and went to bed.

This morning we got up and swept and mopped everywhere and cleaned everything.  Our dead cockroach count was last at 12!  Three were dead just under the dresser.  So even though the chemicals were almost more than I could handle, I am glad we can all sleep a little easier tonight and be back in our own bedroom.  Such is the life living in El Salvador!

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