Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Our New Business

Yes, that's right!  We have started another new business.  Eduardo and I seem to have become quite the entrepreneurs.  We opened a tienda, or store, on our property a several and it's doing fairly well for the size.  We hope to get more money to invest in making it bigger, hence making more money.  But while we are waiting for that to happen, we have been racking our brains about other businesses we could start.  I swear if Eduardo and I could get paid for all our brilliant ideas we would be filthy rich!  Ha!  While I daydream about all the ways I can make money in the States, Eduardo daydreams about how to make money in El Salvador.

Well we went to Sonsonate, the closest city to us, last week and our new business presented itself to us.  We had seen there was a new store going up the weeks prior, but we weren't sure what it was going to be. Well we happened to drive by and stop the day it was opening.  It's basically a used clothing, bedding, toys, shoes outlet.  The prices range, but there are some AMAZING deals.  It was EXACTLY what we were looking for and had actually talked about doing in the past.  We loaded up on bags of clothes and have been back 3 more times already.  We are buying and selling used clothing!  And the funniest part is that it ALL comes from the States.  I'm talking good brands too and at prices that are just insane for the quality.  Of course as a gringa I'm the only one who realizes the quality and the good deals and that gives me an edge ;)

We started by taking the clothes out to el monte, where a lot of Eduardo's family lives.  They bought some of it.  Then we have been selling to our neighbors.  Today my MIL and I both had the same idea at separate times and told Eduardo.  Great minds think alike!  We opened up the garage doors and put a couple tables and some boxes outside for all the foot traffic we get on our street.  We've talked about taking the stuff to the Mercado, but it seems like other people have caught on and are also doing that.  There's many options of how to sell anything here, but this one for now seems great.

Eduardo is sitting outside in the garage right now.  He can watch the tienda and sell the clothes at the same time.  It's perfect.  We've already made all our money back and have TONS more to sell, so it looks like this could be a great investment.
The door on the right is to the tienda.  
Going to the store for the buying can be exhausting because it's basically just HUGE piles of clothes you have to dig through, but it's fun at the same time.  Liliana likes to go and look at all the toys of course, but then I can't look at the clothes.  So we're trying to schedule our trips around when she is sleeping or out with my MIL.  They also have clowns there, which is very common around here and she is super scared of clowns.  I never encouraged that, she just naturally doesn't like them, so it's best if we just go and bring her back a present and of course she LOVES that :)

So we now have the Tienda, our clothes selling business, Esperanza Imports and Kelsey's Cultured Foods.  What will be next??


Rebecca said...

Great idea! Hope it brings in lots of extra money!

Heather said...

Good idea I hope it helps you out.