Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Miss El Salvador

I bet you guys NEVER thought you would hear me say that, huh??  LOL!  

Well, it's true.  There are a lot of things I don't miss, but there are also a lot I do miss.  I spoke with my suegra (mother-in-law) yesterday and every time I hear her voice, it takes me back to the country I called my own for what felt like so long.  It's true what they say about things.  We really do always miss and want what we don't have.  

I have been ever so glad that Liliana and I returned to Indiana when we did, but I honestly wish we could go back for a visit.  I wish we could go back and say our last final goodbyes.  I just don't feel complete with it.  When we left, it was only supposed to be for a couple of months in the summer.  I NEVER even imagined it would be August and we would be approved and not have to go back to El Salvador.  I honestly still can't believe this is all so real!

But we never properly said our goodbyes and I was never able to fully show my appreciation for all of Eduardo's family putting up with my grumpy ass for a year and a half.  LOL.  If I had the money, I would fly down there in a heartbeat to wrap it all up.  I do still have ALL of my belongings down there as well, you see.  And the control freak in me cannot stand the thought of other people touching or packing my stuff up, including my own husband! Ha.  

I am making my list of the things I want Eduardo to bring back, but I don't know how he will do it.  I think I will have to pay for extra bags.  He has said we will go back at some point and get everything, but who knows when that will be.  

Liliana misses her brother and sister desperately.  She has been asking for them a lot.  I found our large wall collage frames in storage and hung them in our room here.  She looks at the pictures of Maynor and Daniela all the time and says how she misses them.  I can't even imagine what she must think of all this.  I know she is dying to see her papi.  I made the mistake of telling her he is coming soon and now she is asking all day long if we are going to pick papi up at the airport today.  Her poor little 2 1/2 year old brain can't wrap itself around the concept of "soon" quite yet.  

So yes, I think Liliana longs for the ever-flowing watermelons and frescas of El Salvador and the loving family atmosphere around all the time.  But I also know we are happy here more than ever and I know she enjoys all the freedoms we have here than we did down there.  

I'm glad that Eduardo and I agree that we will always have two homes...El Salvador and Indiana!  And we will go back and forth as much as life allows.  

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