Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pysch Evaluation Gone Bad...

Our immigration case has taken a turn for the worse, unfortunately.  Eduardo went on Friday for his Embassy required psych evaluation.  At the evaluation he learned that the medical reports from the medical exams he had the week before showed some problems including an enlarged liver.  For most people this might not have looked so bad, but for him it did.  

I'm hesitant to even talk about it here as it's very personal, but my poor hubby had a DUI in 2007.  It was Halloween and we had been drinking and it was really just as much my fault as his.  But he's the one that got caught and we have been paying the price dearly since then.  Maybe by telling you all it will help someone out there see that the effects of drinking and driving are not worth it AT ALL!  

So anyway, because of his prior history, the enlarged liver is being seen as he might have a current problem with alcohol.  We know this is ridiculous because he barely has money for food in El Salvador, let alone alcohol, but there seems to be nothing we can do to change the mind of the psychiatrist at this point.  

We all have had MANY physical problems and sicknesses while being in El Salvador.  It took Liliana and I at least a month to recover after coming back to the States.  I think Eduardo's problems have only gotten worse due to his diet since I have left.  I am not there to take care of him and make sure he eats well.  And there's only so much money I can afford to send him every week.  It makes me really sad to think about it :(  

So for now the psychiatrist has basically sentenced him to 2 months of alcohol classes.  He has an appointment to return to the doctor on October 25th at which time the doctor said he will approve his medical waiver and we can proceed like we thought we were going to now.  

Tomorrow morning, Eduardo is also supposed to schedule an appointment with a gastroentologist to see what is really going on.  I'm praying for 2 things:  1) That they come to the conclusion that  alcohol is NOT the cause of his problems and 2) that my husband DOES NOT have some serious illness!  We don't know yet when the appointment will be or when the test results will come after the appointment.  All we know is that he will not be coming home soon.

When he told me I sobbed like I haven't since we left El Salvador.  It was too much to handle.  My poor baby witnessed it all too and I feel bad about that.  None of us slept that night.  I am carrying on now because I have to, but I'm torn up inside.  The only thing getting me through these days was thinking he would be home soon.  

I will keep you posted on what becomes of all this, if anything.


Jennifer Reyes said...

Kelsey I am so sorry that this has happened to you guys. Maybe the psych will change his mind if your husband is able to show proof from a doctor that it is not alcohol related. I will be keeping you and your family in my prayers.

Lisa n Javi said...

Hope all the test come out ok. Sorry he isnt able to come as soon as you thought he would. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelsey,

This is sad news. I hope this all works out for you in the end.

I have a comment about the liver aspect. When you said that his liver was diagnosed as being enlarged and yet there isn't alcohol to point to, what I've noticed after doing 14 liver/gallbladder flushes, is that it gets clogged up very easily with gallstones. These aren't seen on X-rays until they calcify, which is way too late, and often only visible in the gallbladder, so its the gallbladder that is removed. However, the liver gets clogged up with them and diet is a primary cause.

Doing the ultra-simple liver/gallbladder flush as laid out in the book "The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse" saved my life. I can't say for certain that's what the issue is with your husband, but the more work I've done on myself, I am convinced that it's a common problem that no one is looking for.

This is the book I recommend:

I do *not* recommend doing an Internet search for a similar cleanse. The author of this book has successfully led thousands of liver/gallbladder flushes, and you really need that kind of certainty when doing this kind of operation, even though it's fool-proof if followed to a T.

As an aside, right side used to ache, which is where the liver occupies in the ribcage; it had caused my right side to be continuously tight; interfered with my ability to breathe deeply into the bottom of my lungs (an enlarged liver?); an inability to digest foods like I could as a kid; allergies; poor skin and low vitality.

In my opinion, everyone eating an animal-based diet should do a flush, but that's just me.

Wishing you well,
~Michael Devendra

Kelsey said...

Thanks Michael! We are actually very familiar with the liver/gallbladder flushes and have done quiet a few in the past. My first instinct was to have him do that again right away, but after more in-depth talks with my mom, she felt it would actually be too much for him to handle right now because he is in such a fragile state. He has a bunch of remedies my mom has muscle-tested for from here and he has changed his diet A LOT! After a few weeks of healing with the rememdies, I think we will have him do the flush. Thanks so much for reading my blog and helping :)

julie said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. You are so close to the finish line! I hope he's back with you soon.