Thursday, August 18, 2011

Liliana's Summer Days

So what I really want to do at 3am when I can't sleep is complain, but you have had enough of that from me  so I am going to focus this post on the most important thing in my life instead...Liliana!  She is what the blog is about anyway :)  And it's so fun to focus on her too!

Here is a photo re-cap of things we have done this summer so far:

At the Zoo!

Looking at the Zebras at the Zoo.  They were her favorite of the day.

Hanging out with her friend Henry.

We discovered bath crayons :)

Having fun at the State Fair!

Helping Mami at the Farmers Market.

At the State Fair again with Nana and Pops and rode on some rides that time.

At the park.

Our Wednesdays playdates with her friend Elise.

Playing with her babies :)

Being Cute!

Trying to run away from the picture taking :)

My gorgeous girl!


Jennifer Reyes said...

Such a beautiful baby, you're blessed.

Stephanie G said...

She is so beautiful!

Patti @ Jazzy Mama said...

I love the picture of your daughter with all her dollies. My daughter (3yrs old) calls her dollies her 'pink babies' and she often lines them all up and puts them to sleep, too.

So precious.