Monday, January 2, 2012

Liliana's Love of Churches

Panchimalco, El Salvador

During the time we lived in El Salvador, Liliana grew a fondness for churches.  She started going to church regularly for regular services or just prayer groups with her abuela.  Whatever it was, she was absolutely fascinated and it was a way for her and Eduardo's mom to bond.  

Liliana was baptised in a Catholic church in El Salvador in 2010.  I like to think of myself as more of a spiritual person than a religious person and am definitely not Catholic,  But I respect my husband's family and their religious practices.  Especially in El Salvador when having faith is sometimes all a person has.  

But I don't see her love of church about religion at all.  I do however think that there is something about standing in a church that must bring her some sense of peace because she can't seem to get enough of it! 

We don't attend church here in the States, but Liliana always talks about her times at church with her abuela and sister and brother.  She definitely has fond memories of going with them.  

When we visited Guatemala this past October with Eduardo, we were both laughing at how much Liliana just wanted to go to church.  Every single day, all day long, she was ask if we were going to church now.  We went a few times and would sit for a while and walk around and leave.  She never wanted to leave!  She always just wanted to stay observing everyone and looking at everything.  It was so funny.  Have you ever heard of a toddler crying because they didn't want to leave church?!  LOL

I do have to say I can't really blame her though.  The churches of Central America that I have seen are very beautiful inside and out.  The thing is about El Salvador is that you can walk into almost any church any time and find people praying.  And I guess it does even bring me a sense of peace :)

I've had to opportunity to take a lot of pictures on our travels and have posted them here to share in the beauty of the churches of El Salvador and Guatemala :)

A church in Antigua, Guatemala

Another church in Antigua

El Salvador

Concepcion de Ataco, El Salvador

Sonsonate, El Salvador

San Salvador

Santa Ana, El Salvador  (I think)

Izalco, El Salvador

Izalco, El Salvador

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