Saturday, January 14, 2012

Visa in Hands

The post we have all been waiting for...Eduardo has his visa in hands!!!

Yesterday the embassy called him around noon telling him to go there immediately.  He was with his family out and about and dropped them off and rushed to the city.  He got there and they wouldn't let him in because he didn't have the proper identification.  Finally after some calls, they let him in.

He immediately saw the Consular Officer that interviewed him the other day.  She was on her way out to a meeting and he stopped her.  She said she had been calling him over and over.  (I knew he should've stayed at the house).  She said "well here you go" and handed him his passport with the visa stamped in it and said "you can leave the country in 5 minutes if you want!"  Yay!!!!

He called me in the afternoon and tricked me into thinking he had bad news for me.  Little bugger!  He told me the story and I started bawling my eyes out :)  Such a relief!!  And I'm so excited that officer called him and gave him the passport in person.  That's seriously a miracle because they ALWAYS send it in the mail.  We've even paid for it to be sent by courier twice!

Now we are waiting to wrap up a couple things down there and I will book a flight for him in the next couple days.  Hopefully he will be back by the beginning of next week!!!  


Katie said...


Lisa n Javi said...

So excited for you guys. Congrats!!

Alison said...

wow, finally! you have been so strong throughout all of this! I'm so relieved for your family. :)

Stephanie G said...

Oh my God!! I am so happy for you guys, I have been praying foor this for you and have been follwing all your posts. Congratulations!!! This will bring hope for many families in our situation!

Kelsey said...

Thanks everyone! I feel so blessed by this and am so grateful for all those that have helped and encouraged me throughout this journey. Even though my husband will be home soon, I will continue to fight for all those separated my immigration!