Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Truth Tuesday

I am joining in on Truth Tuesday!  After reading what it is, I felt really compelled to share my truths as well.  Check what Nina from www.ninaonthemoon.com has to say about creating Truth Tuesday as a way to "share a personal fact, a belief, a wish, a dream,an achievement/accomplishment, or even something I feel guilty about!"

My truth this week is this:

I am a way more spiritual being than I show or talk about.  I have shut that part out of my life for far too long now and I am ready to let it back in.  I no longer want my negative past experiences within a meditation community to let me run myself into the ground when I know I am capable of being bigger and better and more fulfilled than I am now.  


Tara said...

Love it. Glad you are participating as well.

Kelsey said...

Thanks! I had a hard time getting it down to one sentence. LOL. Maybe next week...