Tuesday, September 27, 2011

We are off!

We are headed out tomorrow morning, in about 10 hours, to Guatemala!  I'm so excited.  I'm a little nervous about the trip, but I am staying calm.  No need to worry about something that hasn't happened yet.  I'm wishing I had made more money last weekend so we could stay somewhere half-way decent, but being with Eduardo is all that matters.  I just want to relax, relax, relax!  I think all three of us deserve that :)

I rescheduled Eduardo's appointment at the embassy he was supposed to have tomorrow morning as well.  The next appt is now on November 9th.  Hopefully everything will be ready to go by then (crossing fingers).  

He will drive to Guatemala tomorrow and will get to Antigua to find us a hotel and then pick us up at the airport at 9pm, which is 11pm here.  Keep in mind we have to be at the airport here at 9am!  Oh boy.  I better go to bed :)  It will be a long day, but I just can't wait to see the look on Liliana's face when she sees him.  We need a paparazzi camera following us to get it all!  LOL.  

I will be back online next week.  We get back late Tuesday night.  We get 2 days of long travels and 5 days to recover and have fun :)  See ya!!


Stephanie G said...

Have fun and good luck! Enjoy spending time together! Buen viaje!!

Lisa n Javi said...

Have a great time and safe travels.

rubireyes said...

Have fun Kelsey!

Tara said...

Sorry I'm just now stopping by. Wow! Your headed to Guatemala.... Ok, time to go catch up with your previous posts. Hope your trip goes well. Can't wait to read about it when you are back.