Sunday, September 18, 2011

Viva Guatemala!

We are headed to Guatemala in 9 days to see Eduardo!  I found tickets last week on sale and jumped at the possibility of us going.  It took several days to decide and book the tickets, but we are sooo excited.  I made a calendar for Liliana so we can check off the days until we go see papi :)  She's a bit confused because she thinks we are going to El Salvador and seeing Abuela, Maynor and Daniela (her grandma and sister and brother), but I keep explaining we are just going on vacation to visit only papi in Guatemala.  I think she understands most of the time ;)  Hopefully once she sees him, that will be all she needs!  

I had a friend of mine offer to work my Kelsey's Cultured Foods booth at the Farmer's Market on the Saturday I will be gone and it was such a surprise and relief.  That was my biggest hesitation because Saturday is my most profitable day of the week.  I'm so grateful to have such wonderful people in my life :)  

We are leaving on Wednesday, Sept 28th and will be back on Tuesday, October 4th.  Since the flights were so cheap, it also means about 14 hours of traveling with 2 layovers each way!!  Wish me luck with that one.  I had another friend offer to let us borrow her mini-dvd player for the trip and I'm hoping that will save the day.  At least I have flown enough with Liliana at this point to not really be surprised by anything that could happen.  I just pray for the best.

I'm not sure where we will stay yet while we are there.  We still need to hash out the details.  It also depends a lot on how much money I can make before we go.  I only have one more Saturday before we go so hopefully it's a highly profitable one so we can have a nice little vacay!!  God knows we need it.  I'm hoping this will give the 3 of us the little boost we all seem to need right now to get us through the next few months :)  


rubireyes said...

Good for you Kelsey!! After all that you've been through you deserve this. Have a safe trip.

- said...

For somewhere to stay in Guatemala City, look into the Sister Parish Center in zona 2.

They have space to host delegations, and since most weeks there aren't delegations there, they rent out the rooms. At one point it was $12 or $14 per person per night, but you might be able to work something else out. There is a kitchen and hot showers and a washing machine and 2 gorcery stores within a block of the building, and a park 1/2 a block away. The area is good. There is a kitchen so you wouldnt have to spend money eating out all the time too. It definitely isn't a guest house, there won't be anyone to attend to guests, but that also means you'll have privacy.

Lisa n Javi said...

Have a great and safe trip.

julie said...

That is awesome! Have a great trip!

Tara said...

Your there now! As I'm reading this! I hope you are having a great trip!