Friday, April 16, 2010

On the Road - Stateside

We left home yesterday at 6:45am. It was a tearful goodbye, but we were happy to finally start the journey. Liliana slept for almost 3 hours...yay!! We drove all the way to Memphis and went to check out Graceland. It wasn't very exciting so we decided just to head on to Texas. We stopped a little bit later around 3pm for the night. I was exhausted from not sleeping the night before so Eduardo had driven most of the way. We didn't even eat dinner, we all just fell asleep at 8pm :) That was after our failed attempt at taking Liliana to the pool! We were very happy she did very well in the car. We stopped at one point and let her run around and had a picnic for an hour. That really helped.

Today we got up at 4am and were in the car by 5am. We thought Liliana would sleep for hours, but she woke up an hour later! We stopped at Cracker Barrel for a lousy breakfast (indy is way better). Then we got back on the road and drove and drove. We finally saw our 1st Starbucks after a while. Yes, the 1st one!!! We were so excited. I got my soy Chai and stayed alert to drive the rest of the day. Today was a long one. The highway to Dallas was closed so we took a detour that went to Houston instead, which seems a little shorter, I think. Thank God for GPS. It's my new best friend. We saved hours of looking at maps, very worth the money :) We then hit Houston around 4pm rush hour. Spent a while getting through traffic and finally found a hotel, 12 1/2 hours from the time we left!! Liliana was a trooper. We stopped at a couple great rest areas, one with a playground. We all got out and played and ran around. That helped a lot. We are now at our hotel in our jacuzzi suite! Hopefully we get to use it! Eduardo went to get dinner just now and got pulled over. I knew when he left this was going to happen and I was worried sick. Luckily the guy let him go and just said he didn't want to see him driving here again! Thank God!!! This has been my biggest fear.

We are on to Mexico tomorrow. Hoping for an easy border crossing and hoping they don't want us to take EVERYTHING out of the car! Until next time...

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Mandie said...

Thanks for the update! Glad things are going well!