Saturday, April 24, 2010

Stuck on the Border

Eduardo woke me up in a hurry. It was 20 past 4 and we were supposed to be up at 4am. We hurriedly got ready and headed out the door. We stopped for gas and I noticed the clock on the wall. It was only 3am! I couldn´t believe it..all that precious sleep I lost. Well we continued on with Liliana asleep in the back. We finally reached the border by 10am. We pulled over and got questioned, they looked through the car a bit and we parked to go inside to get our visitor visas. Unfortunately they wouldn´t let Eduardo in the country. Salvadoreans have to get special permission to go to any other country not in Central America. WE were told he could get this permission and he would have to pay a fine, but we could do it. Thank Goodness! Well then the person who supposedly could do it for us was not there that day. It was Saturday morning and we were told we would have to wait until Monday morning! So many thoughts ran through my mind. What would we do? Eduardo couldn´t get back in the States or Mexico. The official told us we could stay in Matamoros on the border until Monday, but if we went any further we would eventually get to a checkpoint and then he would be in trouble.

We drove into the border town, which was WAY better than Tijuana so I wasn´t as worried as originally thought. We looked up hotels on the GPS and found a Best Western. We got there and it had gated parking, hot water, a restaurant and wasn´t too expensive. Once we got settled in we actually were happy to have the weekend to relax. We all slept and lot and the food was excellent in the restaurant so we ate a lot too! Although it added two full days to our trip, looking back it was a very nice vacation of sorts.

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