Saturday, April 24, 2010

Topes and Potholes

I didn´t sleep well in Tampico Alto. Liliana and I were sharing a twin bed and she likes to spread out! It was hot and I didn´t feel comfortable in the room. I slept for a couple hours and woke around 12am. I couldn´t go back to sleep after this. Around 3am Eduardo was awake and couldn´t sleep either. Then even Liliana woke up and was wide awake ready to go. I asked her if she wanted to leave and she shook her head up and down very fast! It was so funny! We decided just to get up and go. Once we did, we noticed there were cocroaches crawling around...this disgusted us to no end. We past as fast as possible and left.

Althought EVERYONE says not to drive in Mexico at night, we found it was the better option. We didn´t get pulled over, but we did hit every pothole you can imagine times 100! Every little town has topes, which are speed bumps, but like 10 of them within a mile. The potholes driving at night through the windy roads was enough to keep me alert at 4am! We drove and drove that day.

We passed through a town called Costa Esmeralda. I had really wanted to stay in this town, but the timing didn´t work out. It is right on the ocean in Veracruz and it´s lined with little hotels and restaurants. We decided to pull off and get lunch around 11am. We ate at a nice hotel right on the beach, literally. We were the only ones there and this was the best part of my trip! I´m so glad we stopped.

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