Monday, February 21, 2011

Liliana and the Moto-Taxi

Our little town of Izalco has introduced something new to the area lately...Moto-Taxis.  They are a mix between a motorcycle and a regular taxi car.  They are bright red and are really small and cute.  They also are Liliana's favorite thing in the whole world right now, which makes me them extra special.

Almost every evening lately my MIL, Ana, has been going on a walk with Liliana to the park in town.  We don't frequent there often because of the gang situation here and it's just not that safe for us as a family.  But for Ana to go with Liliana alone doesn't seem to be a problem.  Anyway, Liliana enjoys these trips oh so much.  It's her favorite part of the day.  They will spend an hour or two hanging out and walking around and THEN on the way home, they take a Moto-Taxi!  So exciting.  The Moto's usually are hanging out around the park so they are easy to find and it's only 35 cents for Ana to ride with Liliana one-way.

Every time we leave the house now Liliana is so excited because she might get to go on "el moto."  She claps for joy.  It's super cute.  If we are in the car and she sees a moto, she screams "moto, moto" so excitedly you can't help but laugh.  She never cries if we don't get to ride in one, she usually just says "no esta moto", which basically means "there's no motos here."  She gets it and is fine with that.  She knows there will be another chance.

I'm excited the motos have come to town and I'm grateful for how much Ana loves to take Liliana on walks and gets her out of the house.  I sometimes feel guilty that we are usually so pent up with no where to go and no money to get us there.  The "Moto" is a bright spot to our days and seeing my baby girl so happy and excited brings so much joy to my heart I can hardly put it in words.

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