Thursday, February 10, 2011

Skin Color

Liliana just a few days old
When Liliana was born she had very dark skin.  I was actually quite surprised.  As she grew her skin seemed to lighten up, but was always a little darker than the other babies we knew.  Now at her ripe age of 2 years old, she seems to have the perfect skin tone.  People have always commented on how perfect her skin is going to be.  Well I have to say it's quite perfect now!
Liliana and her American friend Pearl

Having a mixed baby always seems to be a conversation starter.  In the States, I always found people's reactions to seeing Liliana quite interesting, especially if she was out with Eduardo and myself.  People would look at me, him, her, back at me and so on.  Eduardo was actually just saying the other day how this hasn't much changed since moving to ES.  It still happens whenever we go out.  But whatever, that doesn't bother me.  What's interesting in the States is when people see that she's obviously not just your typical American baby and this seems to make them uncomfortable.  Some women notice the mixed color right away and comment to me because they too have a mixed baby.  Whether it's white/black, white/hispanic, white/asian, whatever.  It's noticeable.  And I must say, not in a bad way.  Mixed babies are pretty cute!
Liliana and her friend Elise
In the States, Liliana is usually darker than her other friends.  She's not super dark, but she's not white either.  She's more tan.  In El Salvador it's not as noticeable.  There are people here with a broad range of skin color.  Some are really dark skin, some are in the middle like Eduardo and then there are people with really light skin.  I sometimes even think those people are white, but they are pure Salvadoran.  I obviously get noticed when we are out for my fair skin and strawberry blonde hair.  But if Liliana is not with me, people probably don't stare at just her!  ha.  
Liliana and her Salvadoran friend Sophia
These are the kinds of things that become realities for you when you are in a mixed family.  My aunt is married to a Korean and they have two beautiful children.   I remember the stories she used to tell me about what it's like to be in a bi-cultural relationship and they weren't always the nicest stories.   I suppose there will unfortunately always be prejudice and always be people who stare at us and make comments.  But I'm proud of who I am, I proud of who my husband is and who our beautiful daughter is becoming.  We are proud of our heritage and love the blend of cultures in our life.  We sure did make one amazing Cultured Baby!
Liliana and Sophia at the beach

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