Saturday, February 26, 2011

Maynor's Birthday

Yesterday was Maynor's birthday.  He turned 11 years old.  It's still shocking to think that the last birthday Eduardo celebrated with his son was when he turned 2.  So I'm really glad we are here for this.

We picked the kids up in the afternoon and stopped at the "mall" in Sonsonate for lunch which is a rare occasion.  They were very happy to get to eat pizza and Liliana had her favorite Chinese noodles!  We stopped for a birthday cake after lunch.  It would be for the prayer session my MIL was hosting this week.  She hosts a prayer group every week or so.  This is the first time we sat in on the group since it was be held especially for Maynor's birthday.  
The Prayer Group
After the group, we served cake and soda (the only thing anyone drinks here.  GAG!!)  Maynor seemed to enjoy himself and it was a good day.  
The white cake
The chocoate cake
One of Maynor's uncles in the States sent some money for him so we decided we will all go out to dinner tonight and celebrate again.  We are going to Pizza Hut of course, which is a fancy restaurant in El Salvador.  It's the kids favorite and it's budget friendly so there you go!  I will make sure to take a bottle of digestive enzymes with me ;)  
Liliana looking a little sugar buzzed!
Oh, I forgot to add we had gotten Maynor a pair of new shoes and a couple shirts and he was very 
happy with that.  So different than the kids in the States!  Nobody expects much here, so most people are very grateful for what they do get.  It's a nice example even for me.
This photo was taken by Liliana.  I kept having to squat to where she was holding the camera.

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