Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Online Friends

An online friend of mine got their APPROVAL of her husband's visa from Guatemala yesterday.  I just found out this morning.  I couldn't be more happy for them.  Her son has been staying in Guate with her husband while they wait and now they can all be reunited soon!  We also have had 2 APPROVALS from El Salvador on the Forum within the last week, so I would say it's a good time for approvals.  It's such a relief to hear about other friends getting approved.  When I used to hear of approvals, I would usually just feel jealous, but since I have gotten to know people better and formed friends through my online forum www.immigrate2us.net, I feel a huge relief when I hear about their approvals.  I am so grateful for this forum and for Facebook, for which I would be a wreck without.  Thank God for the invention of computers and internet!

We will be coming up on a year in El Salvador in April.  Our journey still seems like it's going to be a while.   I have to admit I am slightly jealous of the faster processing times of other countries.  It just doesn't seem fair that because my husband is from ES, we have to wait extra long, TWICE as long!  But we are here and one thing I've learned is that complaining and dwelling on it doesn't get me anywhere.  So I will be happy for my friends and continue on.  Hopefully a year from now, we will be getting our approval and will be celebrating our victory!  Until then we will carry on figuring out how the hell we are going to make it through the next year.  I admit I am anxious for a change, even if that change is here.  We need a sign that we are moving ahead in our lives, as we seem to only be getting bad signs all the time.  Will we ever catch a break??

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